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Aquila Sprinter,
Adventure edition

Aquila Sprinter campervan engine icon

Powerful Engine

Powerful 2.0 CDI engine with the power of 140 kW / 190KM

Aquila Sprinter suspension icon

Robust suspension

Sprinter 4x4 suspension is made with rugged terrain in mind.

Aquila sprinter extra equipment icon

Additional equipment

Full of additional equipment straight from the source. 

Aquila Sprinter van height icon

Standing height

Sprinter base has that extra headroom that is always welcome.

Enjoy yourself in comfortable interior

  • Total weight starting from only 3.080 kg
  • Lightweight & durable furniture from natural materials
  • Spacious living and sleeping area
  • Private Bathroom & shower with sliding doors
  • Motorcycle ready with floor rails and foldable beds
  • Stay off-grid with 300W solar panels and up to 300Ah battery
  • Victron SmartPower electronics system with smart app
  • Optional 0 Gas Setup with Induction stove and Diesel heating
  • All-season Van with Winter insulation and Truma heating system
  • New Clesana or casette toilet option
  • Choice of 2 interior color combinations 

Carbon Fibre Pop Outs

Aquila offers a unique solution for sideways sleeping, which gives you more room in the interior. Our Pop Outs are made fully from Carbon Fiber, to ensure your campervan stays as light as possible, and they look great too. If you prefer your campervans looking more rugged however, we have a black urethane coating option as well. 

Aquila Adventure takes you off the road

Wherever you go in your Aquila S6 Sprinter, you’ll never be far from entertainment. But if you want to have a real off-road sports adventure, you can go snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, rafting and much more. For your sports toys we prepare rails inside, space on the roof rack for loading longer items, additional roof aluboxes for luggagecompressor for filling tires when you want to ride on an asphalt road, fill up bicycle or motorcycle tires, the possibility of installing a generator and much more. Aquila is not just an off-road camper van, it is an Adventure Van.

With many Off-Road Accessories to choose from for you Aquila Campervan, we offer two packages that are widely suited for many travelers. 
The Travel set is perfect for those with long travels on the road and who need extra luggage space in their campervans. 
The Off-Road set is for the really adventurous, to make your campervan truly ready for the rugged offroad

Don’t slow down
your adventure

You can spend more time on adventures and less time looking for restaurants when you utilize the fully functional kitchen in your 4x4 sprinter conversion. This off-road sprinter features a kitchen complete with two refrigerators, gas or inductions cooktop and sink. You’ll never have to stop exploring to go to a restaurant, you can feed your entire crew in your campervan. You can customize your 4x4 sprinter conversion to your taste and needs. This 4x4 sprinter conversion can be prepared for any kind of adventure you have in mind. The practicality of the furniture and the quality of the craftsmanship is supreme.