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Dear adventure lovers!

First we want to thank you for all the support you have shown us since the start of our journey!

Over the last 5 years our path in the world of off-road camper vans has brought us countless new experiences.
On our path we have met many kindred adventurers, some as satisfied costumers or hardworking distributors of our adventure vans, and many as new friends

As any great story though, even ours was not without many challenges we have had to overcome. 
However we are not writing this blog post to only look at our past, but rather to let you know about our future

Camper Van driving towards new adventures



The reason is because of one such recent challenge that has come our way. 
Due to copyright issues we were unaware of when we started our journey, we have had to stop using our Phantommobil brand that we worked very hard on. 
This includes changing our company name, our website and all of our social channels. 
Our company name will now be Offroad Campers d.o.o., but more importantly:


Aquila logo gold on grey background

Aquila - latin word for eagle, which is a symbol we identify with deeply. Just like the eagle, we find ourselves always soaring for new horizons, both as adventurers when freely enjoying the unexplored terrains, as well as manufacturers of offroad camper vans, trying to create for you the perfect nest from where all of your explorations can begin. 

For us this is a hard change to make, but we have decided to make most of it


  • If you are here, then you have already entered into our new website domain:
  • We have opened an all new Facebook Page and Instagram Page - checking them out is going to let you know our latest news, and we will try to make them educational and fun for you (clicking the follow button is truly helping us out a lot)
  • You are going to be able to see our offroad campers under the new brand name in Offroad Faires coming up in 2024. We will be present in many European countries - to see the whole list click here 
  • We are going to renew the whole website in 2024, so that it is going to reflect better our products and experience
  • We will be keeping you updated about all other changes as they come up

That is all from us for today. 

We are going to post a new update in a month or so.
Until then, we wish you all wonderful holidays and a new year full of adventures!

Nataša & Klemen, and the whole Aquila Adventure Team

For any questions regarding our products, please write us an e-mail at 
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